What Is Aquatic Therapy Used For?

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Aquatic therapy is an exercise program that takes place in the water. It is a beneficial form of physical therapy that can help treat and prevent certain medical conditions. At Empower Physical Therapy, we offer aquatic therapy as a form of physical therapy in Rochester, MI. Continue reading to learn how aquatic therapy is used.


Decrease Stress on the Body

Aquatic therapy is taken during physical therapy in Rochester, MI, to ease stress on the body. The buoyancy provided by the water during aquatic therapy supports the patient’s weight and makes it less painful to perform exercises. Decreased pressure on the joints makes it helpful for people with arthritis, healing fractures, and those who are overweight. 


Strengthen Muscles

Another beneficial aspect of aquatic therapy is the resistance it provides to patients. The viscosity of water provides this resistance, which helps strengthen your muscles without the need for weights. 


Joint Positional Awareness

Aquatic therapy can decrease swelling and improve joint position awareness. Hydrostatic pressure produces force perpendicular to the body, allowing the patient to be aware of their body orientation. People who have previous joint sprains or torn ligaments experience decreased awareness, so physical therapy is recommended.


Relax Muscles

The last reason aquatic therapy is used is to relax muscles and vasodilate vessels. The warm temperature of the water increases blood flow to injured areas. Patients with conditions like muscle spasms, back pain, and fibromyalgia benefit from the warm water.


Limitations of Aquatic Therapy: Physical Therapy in Rochester, MI

Going in the water during physical therapy in Rochester, MI can be beneficial to the body, but there are some limitations. Some limitations include:


  • During aquatic therapy, the gains you make differ from on land.
  • Walking in the water may be easy, but you may still have difficulty walking outside the pool.
  • You may feel good during aquatic therapy, but the overall effect may not be what you’re looking for.


Contact Our Facility: Physical Therapy in Rochester, MI

Aquatic therapy is an excellent form of physical therapy. Our staff at Empower Physical Therapy will instruct you in the water and make sure you feel comfortable. Contact our office if you are interested in aquatic therapy.