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"I was skeptical when my doctor sent me here because my shoulder was in bad shape, I had it in my head I needed surgery. I also had some killer back and neck pain that eventually stated to make my fingers numb. So I went along with it and after My first visit I wanted to buy Raj dinner! He did miracles to my back and neck that immediately took the numbness away. My shoulder took more time but eventually he got me back to be able to lift, push and throw without any pinching or pain. He gives you an app to follow for homework which only betters yourself, so stay on top of that. For how bad 2020s been so far, Raj and his crew are the best experience I’ve had this year. "
Jul 13, 2020
"My injury occurred prior to the Covid-19 shutdown. The highlights of my experience were that after my initial visit, I was able to continue my PT with Raj via TeleHealth. Next, Raj gave me a broader view of what impact my injury could have on my overall health as I aged. Next, Raj gave me a program of exercise that not only addressed my injury, but the issue of my conditioning that I could carry beyond the scheduled PT. Lastly, I found Empower Physical Therapy's staff to be very efficient as well as pleasant. "
Jun 29, 2020
"I found the staff very professional and friendly. The treatments I received were extremely helpful in relieving my pain and increasing my range of motion. "
Jun 19, 2020
"The team at Empower Physical Therapy, Bloomfield Hills is outstanding from the front desk (Kim) to the owner and Physical Therapist, Raj., and everyone else in-between. Our experience started with them in February of this year in the Bloomfield Hills Clinic. My minor son was recovering from a significant sporting injury which had landed him in a wheel chair for several months and needed a great deal of help to get him back on his feet without a limp or long term negative effects. Raj and his team of professional therapist went to work, developed a plan and executed it flawlessly. During his treatment, COVID-19 shut down hit but did not stop or negatively affect the treatment he was receiving. Raj quickly switched us over to Telemedicine appointments and spent a great deal of time making sure we were able to receive needed treatment while safely in our home. He found ways to use items we had within our home to provide safe and effective treatment that was necessary for a complete recovery form his injuries. Raj was determined to provide the needed service however he had to and we continued treatment three or four times per week during the entire closure period. We were able to finish up treatment in the Bloomfield Hills Clinic after reopening, and we are very pleased with the results. Empower Physical Therapy and all of the staff were always pleasant, willing to work around difficult scheduling, and provided care above any I have ever witnessed in the past. I would recommend them to any of my own family. "
Jun 11, 2020
"Excellent clinic. Raj and staff are competent, very knowledgeable and friendly. Various exercises are prescribed with a rationale based on a plan for improvement in function and pain. I have improved immensely and enjoyed the rehabilitation at the same time. The various exercises and treatments are mixed up and the variety is helpful and psychologically motivating. I highly recommend Empower PT and Fitness with no reservations."
Jun 10, 2020

I’m so grateful to Empower for helping me overcome my back pain and for teaching me how to live pain free. They understood my personal needs, instead of lumping me into a group and hoping the treatment would work. My plan was specific to me and my issues. Today, a simple thing like sneezing or coughing is pain free! Not too long ago I would have been brought to my knees with pain. Thanks Empower. I will recommend you to everyone I know.

Alice S.

I had a special case with having a ruptured quadricep tendon repair as well a septic knee and had a special surgery and need special needs to rehab my quad so I could bend and us my leg right again as a flatbed semi truck driver. Here at Empower they have worked great with the surgeon and his guidelines and have me back to work in a short month and a half strengthening my muscles and bending my knee. The staff here is extremely friendly and great they listen to your needs and help you anyway they can. And i will come back again and again when I need rehab for a injury and would also recommend them to anyone.

Robert S.

These people CARE about their patients. They are encouraging, and I felt a difference in my plantar fasciitis within my second week of treatment. I like their equipment a lot better than the last place I went to. Highly recommended to anybody!

Stephanie P.

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