Recovering From Meniscus Surgery

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The meniscus is a thin piece of cartilage that is between your thigh bone and shinbone. Injuring this tissue can be painful and significantly impact your daily activities. While rest and pain medication is enough for most injuries to recover, surgery might be needed if the meniscus does not heal on its own. Empower PT and Fitness offers direct access physical therapy Michigan and can help individuals who have experienced a meniscus injury. Our team will develop a specialized treatment plan that will ensure a speedy recovery with as little pain as possible.

When Is Surgery Needed?

Empower PT and Fitness offers direct access physical therapy Michigan where we can diagnose and treat your injured meniscus. During the examination, our experienced team will determine the severity of your injury and develop a treatment plan that is appropriate and effective. Manual therapy in conjunction with rest and pain medication is usually the first type of treatment, with surgery being considered if the condition is not fixed.

How Do I Make The Recovery Process Better?

Recovery from a meniscus injury surgery can take anywhere from one to six months. This will be impacted on how severe your injury is diagnosed to be and the complexity of the surgery required to fix the injury. If your physician makes the decision to choose surgery as your course of treatment, you may be wondering about the recovery process. With direct access physical therapy Michigan provided by Empower PT and Fitness, you can rest assured that we will make sure your recovery is as quick and as pain-free as possible. 

  • Make sure to get a lot of rest
  • Do not put pressure on the affected area
  • Take prescribed pain relievers or other medication as directed by your doctor
  • Attend all scheduled physical therapy appointments 

Direct Access Physical Therapy Appointments Michigan 

Empower PT and Fitness offers their patients high-quality physical therapy in Michigan. Our highly experienced team of doctors can diagnose and treat a variety of conditions. Meniscus injuries are common, and our practice sees them quite often. This has given us the experience to develop a treatment plan that can get you back to your normal daily activities in a manner that is as pain-free as possible.