The Importance of a Proper Warm-Up Routine

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It’s easy to skip the warm-up and get right into your workout, but you might not realize how important a proper warm-up routine is. A warm-up routine is a series of stretches and exercises to increase blood flow and muscle temperature. Beginning your workout without a proper warm-up can lead to injury because your muscles might not be ready for intense action. Plus, warming up can help improve sports performance, similar to physical therapy in Farmington Hills, MI. 

What To Include In a Good Warm-Up

Warming up before your workout helps in many ways; it effectively preps your body for more intense exercise. A good warm-up doesn’t have to belong; only five to ten minutes of prep is all your body needs to get ready. Additionally, finishing your workout with a brief ‘Cool-Down’ routine similar to your warm-up can help prevent muscle soreness.

Some exercises you could include in a warm-up are

These are all Dynamic exercises, meaning that their actions are similar to those in your workout but are less tiring. Physical therapy in Farmington Hills, MI, can help you learn more healthy dynamic warm-up routines. Our sports medicine program will create a tailor-made plan for you to help you reach your athletic potential. 

Dealing with Workout Related Injuries

Failing to warm up can lead to muscle soreness and an increased risk of sports-related injuries. Our physical therapy in Farmington Hills, MI, can help you recover from various sports-related injuries. Static Stretching can help muscle soreness when done at the end of a workout, as it helps your body cool off and your muscles relax. This is called static stretching because most of your body is not moving, besides the one area you are focused on. If done correctly, it can help increase flexibility, however, if you stretch too much before a workout, it can put additional strain on your muscles. 

Some healthy stretches to include are:

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Keep in mind that these should be done for the cool-down period of the workout when your muscles are warmed and pliable. Our physical therapy in Farmington Hills, MI can teach you more healthy workout routines, along with personalized medical care to deal with any related injuries. Visit our website for more information.