How Can I Prepare My Body for the Winter Sports Season?

We at Empower Physical Therapy can help you get your body on track for a successful season with tips on what exercises would work for you and physical therapy services. If you’re looking for physical therapy in Southfield, MI to prepare your body for the sports season, then you’ve come to the right place with us!

With the winter season approaching, many athletes like you are surely looking forward to playing your sport this year. However, whether you play hockey, ski, or participate in any other winter sport, an important question may come to mind: “How can I prepare for the winter season?” How can you keep your body in prime physical condition for the winter? Our team will tell you how. 

Build Up Your Body

Training for the winter means exercising more than one part of your body and increasing your stamina & endurance. Athletes use different types of training to build up their bodies, such as:

  • Stability: This type of training can mean training on uneven ground so that you can keep your balance, but it also means different exercises that put your body in uneven positions to improve your balance. This is especially important for sports like snowboarding and skiing, but stability training can apply for any winter sport.
  • Coordination: This type of training involves working multiple parts of your body to make them move together. These exercises increase your endurance, as well as power and balance. Athletes often incorporate this kind of training into their running routines.

Also, there are different kinds of conditioning that make up a session of physical therapy in Southfield, MI that our athletes use to prepare for the upcoming winter season. These may include:

  • Alignment: This type of conditioning means properly aligning the shoulders, spine, and hips to ensure that your body can move around more easily. Not being properly aligned can increase your risk of injury and cause general discomfort.
  • Balance: Preparing your balance is arguably important for any sports season because it means you will be less likely to lose your balance and fall while participating in your sport. Different stability training exercises apply to this type of conditioning.
  • Core Training: This type of training is important because your core is an anchor that keeps the rest of your body stable with it, especially your legs. You can strengthen your core by doing exercises that require your body to twist or bend forward, such as planks.

Remember that it is best to contact Empower Physical Therapy in Southfield, MI if you are trying to develop an exercise program or have questions about your current exercise program. We will be able to determine what kinds of exercises will best fit your needs as a winter athlete. We will work with you to ensure that you are getting into optimal condition for the sports season with our expert care.

Empower Physical Therapy in Southfield, MI

When thinking about preparing for the winter sports season, you will want to create an exercise plan that works for you. Utilizing different kinds of conditioning and exercises that will strengthen your body is important for athletic success. Here at Empower PT, we offer physical therapy in Southfield, MI that you can trust! Please visit our website to learn more about us and our services. We know how important your winter sport is to you, and we look forward to helping your body reach peak physical condition!