National Physical Therapy Month

Like many people, we all get injured whether it is due to work, sports or simply just by walking. National Physical Therapy Month takes place in October and it encourages people that physical therapy is an effective way to help patients feel better with their injuries. It is a much better alternative to opioids or other powerful, addictive substances people use to relieve their pain. Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of physical therapy during this National PT Month? Our team at Empower Physical Therapy in Farmington Hills, MI can help you. 

The goal of this day is to celebrate the work of health care professionals by improving people’s lives and relieving their pain with a better and safer alternative without using harmful medications. This association wants to deliver a message to people struggling that this is a much safer way to manage pain. There are a few different types of physical therapy people may take based on their symptoms such as:

  • Manual therapy 
  • Aquatic therapy 
  • Sports medicine 
  • Dry needling

What are Different Types of Physical Therapy?

At Empower PT and Fitness, we offer a multitude of therapies to our patients to meet their needs. Some of them include: 

Manual Therapy: Manual Therapy is a hands-on treatment to treat joint pain, muscle aches, and limited range of motion. This type of therapy has been proven to help with adhesive capsulitis, shoulder impingement, shoulder stiffness, limited range of motion, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, pinched nerves, limited joint range of motion, capsule tightness, and post-surgical stiffness, along with many more. 

Aquatic Therapy: Aquatic Therapy is also a great and effective alternative for those who struggle with land-based therapy. This is effective for people who suffer from arthritis pain, lower back pain, obesity, fibromyalgia, joint replacement, difficulty walking or balance, and for others who have suffered from a stroke, are suffering with MS and Cerebral Palsy. 

Sports Medicine: Sports Medicine is mostly common for people who have suffered with sports related injuries. Most physical therapists rehabilitate athletes that suffer with shoulder and rotator cuff pain, ligament sprains, muscle strains, ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL rehab, tendonitis, post fractured rehab, tennis elbow, overhead sports injuries, and running or cycling injuries. 

Dry Needling: As for Dry Needling, it is similar to acupuncture where a dry and solid filament needle is inserted to relieve pain. A few conditions that get treated with dry needling are head and neck pain, ontological and ophthalmological pain, dental and jaw pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, hand and wrist pain, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, shin/ankle/foot pain, and heel pain, and associated with much more. 

There are many different types of physical therapy treatments but all very effective and a much better alternative for people who suffer every day with joint and muscle pain.

Empower Physical Therapy in Farmington Hills, MI 

Take the time this month to recognize physical therapy and all of its wonders. The practice has served as a useful alternative to surgery for numerous patients and continues to be a growing aspect of our modern healthcare landscape. Have you or someone you know recently suffered an injury or live with chronic pain? Don’t wait any longer. Our team at Empower Physical Therapy in Farmington Hills, MI is here to help you. Contact us today to learn how we can help you during this year’s National Physical Therapy Month.