What is the McKenzie Method?

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The McKenzie Method (MDT) is a system used to assess and manage spinal and extremity musculoskeletal disorders. Therapists trained in the McKenzie Method can assess and classify all ailments of the musculoskeletal system. If you are suffering from an issue coming from your muscle, tendons, spine, or extremity joints, an MDT evaluation is appropriate. Here at Empower PT, we can provide you with this service. At physical therapy in Waterford we understand how important it is for our clients to feel whole again. 

The McKenzie Method

Step 1: Assessment 

MDT begins with your PT taking a detailed history of your symptoms and their behavior. Your PT will put you in certain positions and have you perform certain movements. From there, questions will be asked about how your symptoms have been affected. How your symptoms change with these repeated positions and movements helps your PT understand the root of your problem.

Step 2: Classification 

Each specific musculoskeletal classification is according to its specific nature, with repeated movements, postures, and targeted exercises. 

Step 3: Treatment

Using information obtained from your classification and assessment, your PT will advise specific exercises and postures to adopt. Your PT will give you guidance on how to interpret your symptoms and safely respond to them. The goal is to be effective in the least number of sessions. It is more beneficial to have the patient perform the treatment six to seven times a day rather than treatment administered by your PT once or twice a week. For most patients, treatment can be done on their own when provided the right information. 

Step 4: Prevention

The risk of reoccurrence can be minimized by learning how to self-treat the problem. Nagging problems are far more likely to be prevented through self-maintenance than with passive care.

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The McKenzie method is a proven effective tool for assessing and managing extremity musculoskeletal and spinal disorders. If you feel you could benefit from the McKenzie method at Empower PT, please schedule an appointment at physical therapy in Waterford.