How Can Manual Therapy Help With Pinched Nerves?

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Are you in chronic pain from pinched nerves? Does your pain or discomfort limit you in the daily activities you once loved? Are you doing everything you can to avoid overuse of pain medications or invasive surgeries? 

Empower Physical Therapy can help. It is our mission.

on to help patients alleviate and manage their pain and discomfort from pinched nerves, whether it be from injury or overuse. We promise to listen, and customize a care plan that will empower you to achieve your full potential and get you back to living the life you want. If you’re in search of physical therapy in Waterford, Empower Physical Therapy should be your first stop.   Visit our website for more information on our locations and services. 

What is Manual Therapy?

Conservative approaches to treatment plans are often the best place to 

start when it comes to initially addressing a patient’s condition. Manual Therapy is a hands-on treatment technique by our clinicians that is used to treat a variety of conditions — aches, joint pain, and limited mobility to name a few. The process is minimally invasive and typically involves manipulation, mobilization and massaging of your joints, soft tissues, and muscles to facilitate the healing process.

How can Manual Therapy help with Pinched Nerves?

Pinched nerves happen when pressure is applied to a nerve by tissues, bones, muscles or cartilage that surround the nerve. This can occur as a result of a traumatic injury, or it can develop over time from constant use of the same joint. (Common pinched nerves in the wrist are often the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome) For more information on Pinched Nerves. 

Through the process of manual therapy, the clinician will use their hands to manipulate the joint or area where your pinched nerve is located. By repetitive, slow and controlled mobilization of the area, the pinched nerve can be alleviated as the muscles, tendons and nerves in the area are stimulated. Massaging of the area is also a key element of Manual Therapy, consisting of repetitive rubbing, kneading and relieving of muscle systems surrounding the area of discomfort. 

Empower Physical Therapy

Empower Physical Therapy in Waterford offers a variety of treatment plans and practices for all levels of injury, mobility and comfortability. We take time to listen to our patients, and personalize their plan so as to achieve healing in the most optimal way. If you are suffering from discomfort or are limited from the pain of your pinched nerve, consider visiting one of our locations to determine how we can help.