How does the McKenzie Method Work?

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Have you heard of the Mckenzie Method? This method can reduce pain through exercises, but many people don’t know about this technique used in physical therapy near Waterford. At Empower Physical Therapy, we can use this method to reduce the pain you may have and to provide you with a fast recovery. 

What is the McKenzie Method?

A technique used in physical therapy near Waterford that teaches patients how to manage their pain; whether it is back pain or neck pain, through exercises and other strategies. The purpose of this method is to minimize pain as fast as possible, reduce the number of times you visit a specialist, and go back to normal activities. The method is quite effective, but if you had back surgery or a serious spinal condition, then you shouldn’t try this method. 

How does it work?

Step 1: Assessment

The first step in the McKenzie Method, a technique in physical therapy near Waterford involves a consultation with your physical therapist. Where they would examine your condition and ask you about your health to determine if the method is right for you, it is basically like a consultation that you would have with your doctor. They will ask you to do certain movements to see if you have pain while doing those movements. 

Step 2: Classification

After the assessment, your physical therapists will analyze your results based on the assessment and will be able to classify the cause of your pain. The following are some syndromes and derangements that can cause you pain:

  • Derangement Syndrome
  • Reducible Derangement
  • Posture Syndrome
  • Dysfunction Syndrome

Step 3: Treatment 

The next step in the McKenzie Method is following the treatment your physical therapist has prescribed you. You will do specific exercises based on the classification step that would help relieve the pain. The following are some exercises, but it all depends on what you have:

  • Lying on your stomach
  • Lying on a pillow
  • Standing extensions
  • Prone press-ups

Step 4: Prevention

The fourth and final step in the Mckenzie Method is understanding and learning how to prevent pain from happening again in the future. You would do this by following the method and the specific exercises your therapist prescribed you. Doing the method will give you an understanding of what causes your pain and how you can treat its symptoms.

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If you’re experiencing back and neck pain, the McKenzie Method, a technique in physical therapy near Waterfront can eliminate symptoms and restore full function. At Empower Physical Therapy, physical therapy near Waterford, our staff is trained to efficiently rehabilitate any condition you may have. Contact us today to learn more.