Should I Consider Physical Therapy Before Surgery?

Are you or a loved one planning on having surgery shortly? At Empower Physical Therapy and Fitness, our expert trained physical therapists are ready to consult with you and discuss further options before and after your surgery. Whether you are recovering from an injury, want to improve your sports performance, lose weight, or just want a better quality of life, our quality physical therapy in Troy, MI, will have you feeling better than you ever have before!

Physical Therapy Before Surgery

In retrospect, seeking help and assistance from a physical therapist before your surgery is not necessarily required. However, studies have shown that physical therapy before a procedure is beneficial. 

Physical Therapy, before having surgery, is also called prehabilitation. The goal of prehabilitation is to strengthen the muscle groups in the affected area to increase the chance of regaining normal function in that area. 

In a study taken to see if prehabilitation is beneficial in the recovery of surgery, doctors carefully monitored individuals about to undergo ACL surgery. One portion of the participants took part in a physical therapy program, while the other did not. This study showed substantial results in the group who completed the physical therapy program, outperforming the other group in the physical evaluation. 

The study also found that there was an exponential difference between the two groups returning back to sports activities. The group who participated in physical therapy before their surgery returned back to normal activities almost ten weeks before the group who did not participate in the physical therapy program. 

What Services Can We Offer You at Empower PT and Fitness?

The phases of Physical Therapy in Troy, MI, intend to work on increased flexibility, range of motion, and strength before moving on to an evaluation of your progress of the program. At Empower Physical Therapy and Fitness, we are experts in the arts and sciences of evaluating and treatment of any dysfunctions in human movement. 

Some of the conditions we have successfully rehabilitated include: 

  • Total hip, shoulder, and knee replacements. 
  • Neck Fusion.
  • Arthroscopic Surgical Repairs. 
  • Rotator Cuff Repairs. 
  • Subacromial Decompression. 
  • ACL/PCL Reconstruction. 

Our Physical Therapists also understand the importance of communicating with your surgeon pre and post your surgery. We strive to follow the number of proper pre-surgical and post-surgical protocols and ensure their patient is taking the necessary steps to ensure they are on the proper route to recovery. 

Our Physical Therapists also will keep in close contact with the patient’s referring physician in regards to any precautions or recommendations based on the condition of the patient. Our goal of the rehabilitation process of Physical Therapy in Troy, MI, is to: 

  • Recover the patient’s joint mobilization. 
  • Recover the patient’s strength in the affected area. 
  • Pain relief in the affected area. 
  • Improved function of the patient’s affected area. 
  • Educate the patient on at-home care following physical therapy. 

Physical Therapy in Troy, MI

It is important for the patient to keep in mind that the recovery process will vary, regardless of whether or not you decide to participate in a physical therapy program before or after your procedure. The patient may be required to have more than one visit or an extended care plan for several weeks, depending on the severity of the patient’s procedure.

Although physical therapy before your surgery is not necessarily required, it is incredibly beneficial for the recovery process. For more information about Physical Therapy in Troy, MI, please visit our website