Benefits Of An Underwater Treadmill For Running

physical therapy In Sterling Height, MIHave you heard of underwater treadmills for running? An underwater treadmill is a treadmill that has been designed to be used underwater. An underwater treadmill has been used to provide physical therapy and excellent workout for many people, and it has many benefits. At Empower Physical Therapy, we offer aquatic therapy, which is a type of physical therapy in Sterling Heights, MI that offers the safest and most comfortable treatment for patients. 


What are the benefits of an underwater treadmill for running?


  • Promotes early range of motion: People who are going through muscle and joint pain can find relief with an underwater treadmill, a type of physical therapy In Sterling Heights, MI. Water will reduce swelling and inflammation and will also improve strength and flexibility. Patients who have chronic conditions are usually advised to avoid activities like exercising but with an underwater treadmill; they are advised to do it as it can promote a range of motion. 


  • Increases flexibility: Underwater treadmill allows patients to feel more relaxed, which leads to increased flexibility. For instance, running underwater allows people to enjoy running with more muscle relaxation compared to physically running. This will make people feel more relaxed and, as a result, have more flexibility. 


  • Impacts muscle strengthening: Another benefit of an underwater treadmill is that it strengthens hips, legs, and feet. When someone runs underwater, the viscosity of water causes the body to undergo greater exertion, which is beneficial to the muscles.


  • Reduces blood pressure levels: Although exercising reduces hypertension, it is proved that an aquatic treadmill is more effective in blood pressure.


  • Prevents injuries: regular treadmills cause more injuries than other exercising equipment. However, an underwater treadmill prevents injuries since underwater reduces your weight by almost 90%. This means that being underwater allows you to carry less weight which minimizes injury risk and also reduces stress. 


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