work comp

Work Comp

Our Work conditioning program…

benefits individuals who are unable to return to work due to remaining functional deficits or conditioning. The program provides a transition from physical therapy to return to work and consists of the strengthening, stabilizing, and conditioning necessary for work simulation.  

Functional Capacity Evaluation - FCE

At Empower Physical Therapy and Fitness we offer Functional Capacity Evaluations for individuals trying to return to work. An FCE is a medical assessment on how well the patient performs work tasks. During the assessment we will measure your strength and endurance for a better understanding of your physical capabilities. An FCE would be beneficial in the following situations:

  • To determine if an individual who has been injured on the job is able to return to the job or alternate work

  • To assist an individual who is applying for Social Security Disability benefits

  • To assess an individual who was injured in a catastrophic accident to determine performance skills and abilities related to resuming former employment or a new job

  • Someone seeking vocational rehabilitation services