Prosthetic Training

Our friendly and knowledgeable physical therapist have been trained in prosthetic training for amputees. All of us here have a passion to helping our patients recover from their injuries and back to living a normal life. During the first evaluation we identify the physical and functional demands you are going through with your prosthetic. From there we will help you create an action plan and go over the goals you would like to achieve and we will focus only on achieving those goals with you.  Check out some our training videos below and


Prosthetic Training - baby steps

Purpose is to improve control of prosthetic by using small steps over a set distance

How to stand up with a prosthetic leg

These 3 techniques will help show you steps to take when getting off the floor with a prosthetic leg.

Prosthetic Training - Resistance Walking

We are trying to get more information out there to help amputees with their mobility. This exercise specifically targets increased knee flexion to improve the ease of movement.

For more instructional videos on prosthetic videos, please click the button below to check out our training videos on YouTube: