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Whether you are looking to recover from an injury, improve sports performance, lose weight or just want a better quality of life, Empower Physical Therapy Birmingham, MI can help. With two state of the art locations in Clinton Township, we continue to strive to bring you the latest and greatest technology to improve your fitness and overall wellness.

Empower Team

Rajendran Thangamuthu, DPT

Rajendran Thangamuthu, DPT

Owner and Physical Therapist

Raj’s physical therapy career began in 1992 after graduating from SRIPMS College in India. He spent 3 years practicing there before moving to Kuwait and joining the Ministry of Health Hospitals system. In 1996, he came to the United States and practiced in various hospitals and clinics before opening his own practice in 2008. AquatiCare Physical Therapy allowed Raj to focus on superior patient care and treat patients with fewer visits and better results. In 2011, he opened Empower Physical Therapy and Fitness – an innovative concept integrating Physical Therapy and Fitness in one facility.

Raj is devoted to lifelong learning and throughout his career has gained extensive experience in manual therapy including training at the Ola Grimsby Institute, IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) and Myofascial Release education through Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains. He received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2011. Raj is a certified Neurac Therapist, Pilates instructor, an avid student of Hot Yoga and was recently named Student of the Month at his studio.

Raj is passionate about working with the elderly and has created a unique Fall Prevention Program to improve patient’s balance and coordination as they age. He utilizes a wide variety of equipment to address balance deficits including Pneumex Unweighting System, Biodex and Balance Gym.

Certified in performing Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) and Work Site Analyses, Raj has pioneered the development of performance enhancement programs for DuPont. He has worked directly with the Resin, Dispersion, Fire Brigade and Emergency Services departments.

In his free time, Raj enjoys spending time with his wife, son and two daughters.

Services Offered By Our Office For Physical Therapy Birmingham, MI

Manual Therapy

knee manual therapy

Manual therapy is a hands-on treatment by clinicians to treat muscle aches, joint pain, and limited range of motion. It encompasses a variety of techniques including soft tissue mobilization of muscles, specific joint mobilization, and joint manipulation.

The three most notable forms of manual therapy are:

  • Manipulation is the application of a rapid force into a joint(s). Manipulation is often associated with an audible popping sound called cavitation.
  • Mobilization is a slower, more controlled process of articular and soft-tissue stretching intended to improve joint mobility.
  • Massage is typically the repetitive rubbing, stripping or kneading of muscle and fascia tissues to facilitate healing.

Manual therapy has been proven to be an important part of an overall conservative treatment plan for a variety of conditions including:

  • Adhesive capsulitis
  • Shoulder impingement
  • Shoulder stiffness/limited range of motion
  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfers elbow
  • Pinched nerves
  • Limited joint range of motion
  • Capsule tightness
  • Postsurgical stiffness
  • Much more.

Manual therapy is typically part of a complete treatment plan that is customized for your specific needs. Give us a call to learn how we can incorporate manual therapy into your rehabilitation program.

Sports Medicine

sports medicine Physical Therapy in Troy, MI

If you are a youth, collegiate, elite, or professional athlete, when you are injured, you need a physical therapist with experience rehabilitating sports-related injuries.

Athletes place higher demands on the muscles and joints and also require sport-specific training to recover speed, power, and agility. This is the specific training that our therapists provide.

Our physical therapists have years of experience rehabilitating athletes with:

  • Postsurgical rehabilitation of the knee, shoulder, ankle, hip, and spine
  • Shoulder & rotator cuff injuries
  • Ligament sprains
  • Muscle strains
  • ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL rehab
  • Tendonitis/bursitis
  • Post-fracture rehab
  • Tennis elbow
  • Overhead sports injuries (throwing, swimming, etc.)
  • Running & cycling injuries

A Personalized Recovery Process

The process starts with a thorough evaluation of your condition and your personal goals. We then provide a custom program including the following:

  • Control of Pain & Inflammation
  • Recovery of Range of Motion
  • Hands-on Techniques
  • Neuromuscular Retraining
  • Core & Extremity Strengthening
  • Balance & Proprioceptive Activities
  • Speed, Endurance, & Power Training
  • Sport-specific Retraining

Optimizing the Recovery Process

Injuries are an unfortunate side effect of sports but they don’t have to sideline you indefinitely. With the application of the latest clinical research, we can work hand-in-hand with your referring physician/surgeon to optimize the recover process so you can reach your full potential.

Give us a call today to learn more about our sports rehabilitation program.

Recent Blog Posts From Our Office Of Physical Therapy Birmingham, MI

Soccer Injury Prevention and Treatment

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is so popular that approximately a quarter of a billion people play around the world. However, with the increasing popularity comes the increase in soccer-related injuries. Soccer injuries can range from minor scrapes and bruises to vast injuries that may require surgery or physical therapy. If you suffer from a soccer-related injury and need Physical Therapy Birmingham, MI , consider reaching out to Empower Physical Therapy to ensure your injuries are properly treated.

Common Soccer Injuries

Soccer helps athletes build up their endurance, improve their speed, and promote fitness. However, it is also a game that often involves hard falls, player collisions, and the overuse of certain parts of the body, all of which can increase a player’s risk of injury. Common soccer injuries may include:

  • Concussions
  • ACL Injuries
  • Meniscus Tears
  • Sprained Ankles
  • Bone Fractures
  • Heat-Related Injuries

Preventing Soccer Injuries

Even though going to Physical Therapy Birmingham, MI can help treat any injuries you may receive while playing soccer, it is important to take preventative measures. Soccer injuries can often be prevented by:

  • Stretching– spending five to ten minutes doing stretches before and after a game can help reduce muscle soreness, keep your muscles flexible, and can reduce your risk for injury. 
  • Warm-Up Before Playing- warming up with exercises such as jumping jacks or a short run will warm up your muscles. These will increase your blood flow and put less stress on your muscles.
  • Practice proper techniques- hitting the soccer ball with your forehead or staying low to the ground when you quickly change direction can help prevent various injuries, which will help protect you from harm.
  • Wear proper attire- proper soccer attire includes well-fitted shin guards, properly fitted and securely fastened cleats, an ankle brace (if needed), and synthetic, unabsorbent soccer balls.
  • Stay hydrated- Being dehydrated can have a significant impact on a player’s performance. If you are not hydrated, your body will not be able to cool itself down, which can cause you to overheat. It is recommended that players before, during, and after the game.

Treatment for Soccer Injuries

While there are many precautions players can take to reduce the risk of injuries on the soccer field, it is important to be prepared for the injuries that may occur during a game. Knowing what treatments are available for your injuries can help the healing process go smoother and be more effective. Physical Therapy Birmingham, MI can help heal soccer injuries and get players back to their pre-injured activities. Empower Physical Therapy helps athletes with:

  • ACL Rehab
  • Muscle and ligaments strains
  • Running injuries
  • Post-Fracture rehab

Schedule an Appointment for Physical Therapy Birmingham, MI

If you are currently suffering from a soccer-related injury and are unsure of where to get help, look no further than Empower Physical Therapy. Whether you are looking to recover from an injury or increase your sports performance, our team is dedicated to making sure you are getting the help you deserve. Contact Empower Physical Therapy today to get the treatment you need!

What are the Benefits of Occupational Therapy?

Physical Therapy Birmingham, MI

Have you or a loved one experienced an injury that has limited you from adequately performing in your workplace or school setting? At Empower Physical Therapy, we offer our patients with Physical Therapy Birmingham, MI , that will essentially help you learn to manage and function with injury properly!

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy is a form of treatment that can be beneficial to you if you have pain, experienced an injury, an illness, or a disability that makes it difficult to normally function in a workplace or school setting, or just taking part in any activities in your daily life. 

This form of therapy aids you in learning how to adapt to performing these activities. By creating a specialized treatment based on your condition, our Physical Therapy Birmingham, MI, will find different forms of managing your situation so you can get your work done, take care of yourself and your home, play sports, or stay active. 

Some of the benefits your physical therapist will aid you in completing successfully include: 

  • Eat without help from others. 
  • Take part in leisure activities. 
  • Do office work. 
  • Bathe and get dressed. 
  • Do laundry or clean up the house. 

What are the Benefits of Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapists work with patients of all ages and carefully accumulate a plan to improve the way you are functioning and make it less painful. 

At Empower Physical Therapy, our Occupational Therapy team has designed work conditioning programs that are designed to help patients with: 

  • Recover their strength. 
  • Improve endurance. 
  • Increase flexibility and mobility. 
  • Improve cardiorespiratory fitness. 
  • Personalized interventions are also provided to decrease the odds of re-injury after returning to work.

Physical Therapy Birmingham, MI

These personalized programs are designed with full-body, intensive training with a focus on the activities that are similar to the physical demands that are required by your particular category of employment. 

We are ready and willing to aid all of our patients to the path to recovery following an incident! For more information or to book an appointment for Physical Therapy Birmingham, MI , visit our website or call our offices today! We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

What is Dry Needling?

Physical Therapy Birmingham, MI

When people think of physical therapy, needles aren’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, recent scientific advances have displayed the merits of dry needling and other similar tactics as effective treatment methods. If you or a loved one is suffering from chronic pain and is interested in trying Physical Therapy Birmingham, MI, look no further than Empower Physical Therapy. Our skilled team has the experience and resources to make your pain a thing of the past!

What is Dry Needling?

The practice of dry needling involves the insertion of thin needles into certain “trigger points” of the body. These trigger points are tight bands of muscle located within the body, and they tend to be tender to the touch, sometimes even causing pain in other parts of the body.  This allows the physical therapist to precisely access trigger points that they cannot reach manually. The use of the needles results in an involuntary twitch response that leads to prolonged periods of relaxation for these overactive muscles. Here is a list of some of the proven benefits of dry needling:

  • Loosens stiff muscles
  • Reduces joint pain
  • Improves blood flow and oxygen circulation
  • Improves muscular function

How Does Dry Needling Differ from Acupuncture?

You are likely thinking that Physical Therapy Birmingham, MI sounds an awful lot like acupuncture, and that’s because they really are quite similar. However, there are a few key distinctions. First, acupuncture is based on Eastern medicine and attempts to restore balance to the entire body by regulating energy flow. Dry needling arose from western medicine and focuses on the treatment of particular trigger points. Dry needling is also often just one part of a larger treatment plan (one typically involving targeted exercises and other traditional physical therapy practices), whereas acupuncture tends to be a standalone treatment method. These two treatment methods are also performed by professionals with completely different skill sets and certifications. 

Seeking Physical Therapy Birmingham, MI ?

If you or someone you know is looking to start Physical Therapy Birmingham, MI , our team at Empower Physical Therapy has you covered. Our two locations are filled with state of the art equipment and staff that will help you get back to full health as quickly as possible. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

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