Physical Therapy Treatment for Overuse Injuries

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Injury can occur in tissue that you use too often. Whether this is from your occupation, activities, or just everyday life, paying attention to these types of injuries is important to prevent decrease usability of the affected tissues.

Common overuse injuries are:

  • Tennis Elbow
  • Swimmers Shoulder 
  • Achilles Tendinitis
  • Runner’s Knee

Causes of Overuse Injuries

Many activities and occupations can cause an overuse injury. Below are some common causes of this type of injury: 

  • Exercising too frequently or too rigorous can lead to an overuse injury. This can be from lifting weights too often, improperly, or that are too heavy.
  • Lifting heavy objects improperly, or repeatedly, can result in micro-damage to bodily tissue. This can be in your back, arms, neck, and legs. Practicing proper lifting techniques can prevent putting a massive strain on your tissues, lessening the chance of developing
    an overuse injury.

Treatment for Overuse Injuries

Empower PT & Fitness offers physical therapy Roseville MI, and we have seen a lot of cases of overuse injuries. This has given us the chance to increase our knowledge of them, and understand the best way to treat these injuries. Treatment for these injuries can range from rest to surgery. The most common forms of treatment are:

  • For minor injuries, resting the injured tissue and allowing the body to heal itself naturally can be the best course of treatment.
  • Over the counter medication such as Ibuprofen, or prescription medication such as Naproxen can relieve the pain associated with these injuries. These medications also reduce inflammation, allowing the injury to heal properly.
  • Physical therapy Roseville MI can be provided by Empower PT. We have many specialized techniques that we can perform to speed up recovery and ensure full use of the injured tissue.
  • Surgery would be the most aggressive form of treatment, usually reserved for the most severe cases of overuse injury. This would be a step we would explore after rest and physical therapy Roseville MI.

Empower Physical Therapy Roseville MI

Empower PT & Fitness offers physical therapy Roseville MI, and we have been treating patients with overuse injuries since 2008. Occupation, sports, and other activities that can put an excessive amount of strain on the body have been the leading cause of these injuries. There are many treatments for these injuries, including physical therapy.