There is a little trick that most people, even doctors, don’t know about that instantly relieves arthritis pain in your hands. This technique assists the natural flow of lymphatic fluid out of your hands and arms. Try it right now for instant pressure and ache relief in your fingers and wrists.

1. Bring your affected arm out to the side slightly. Open and close your hand feeling for any stiffness or discomfort in the finger or wrist joints.

2. With your other hand gently place the open palm on your rib cage high up into the underarm area.

3. Gently press into the skin and move your hand in clockwise circles, moving the skin on the rib cage underneath, not rubbing your hand on the skin. You should feel no discomfort while you do this. If you do, then you are pressing too hard.

4. Perform this motion for 2-3 minutes.

5. Test your hand again by opening and closing it. It should feel lighter and with less discomfort.

6. Repeat this procedure multiple times a day for best results