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Physical Therapy

BTE Eccentron

Eccentron beautyNegative is the new positive.
Eccentron is revolutionary. Look familiar? Think again.

It is not an elliptical, stepper, or bike. Eccentron is a patented functionally unique eccentric strength training system. It is unlike any therapy or athletic conditioning tool you have seen or used before. And its results are unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Harness the power of negative resistance for positive results here at Empower.

The Eccentron is great for treating Geriatric, Cardiopulmonary, General Rehab, and Athletic patients.


  • Build fast twitch muscle and enhance spring quality with high load, high rep eccentric training.
  • Enhance overall athletic performance – strength, power, reaction, and agility.


  • Safely increase strength and stability for improved balance, mobility, and decreased fall risk.
  • Transition clients to strength program sooner – resisting as little as a percentage of their body weight.

General Rehab:

  • Diversify, offering unique wellness programs in addition to rehab services.
  • Monitor individual leg strength improvement through the course of closed-chain treatment.


  • Provide measureable strengthening for clients with low cardiac output.
  • Make significant gains without intense aerobic activity or high impact exercise.

Advantages of Eccentric Exercise

  • Higher Resistance Capacity – Body can resist 30-40% more weight (eccentric) than it can push (concentric), inducing a greater strength response.
  • Build Fast Twitch Muscle – Benefit a variety of client needs, from locomotion to vertical jump, without high impact or speed drills.
  • Low Oxygen Requirement – 80% less oxygen needed due to muscles resisting rather than doing concentric work.
  • Lower Perceived Exertion – Comfortably produce more force output than in a traditional concentric exercise.

For more information about the BTE Eccentron visit: http://www.btetech.com/eccentron.htm