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Way to often patients make great strides in their recovery and get better, but eventually end up getting injured again. Once the pain is gone and insurance stops paying for the therapy, patients stop focusing on their health needs and old injuries come back or new ones arise. In an effort to stop this we have created a maintenance program.

Our program was designed with only our patients in mind. When a patient finishes therapy they can be placed in a maintenance program specifically for them that doesn’t require insurance and is still very affordable. Not only can they continue to be healthy but they can even make improvements. It’s important to remember health and fitness is a lifelong commitment.

Large athletic clubs and gyms are popping up all over the place. They seem to be the new trend, but what are they really giving you? A crowded intimidating environment! Equipment you don’t know how to use! Unqualified Trainers that only want a paycheck!

This isn’t just your average gym! There are no gimmicks, no crazy alarms, and you will never be treated like you're just another sign in number.

We understand that not everyone is the same and their training shouldn’t be either. Our fitness solutions are individualized based on YOUR GOALS, YOUR BODY AND YOUR LIFE. We offer many different options and services and can tailor a program that will keep you motivated, having fun, and getting fit.

Here is the kicker! All of our programs are developed and overseen by Doctors, Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, and Certified Fitness Experts.