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Fitness in the Workplace

WorkerAs an employer when your employees get hurt it takes a large toll on your business. This is why Empower has placed a strong focus on this program. Our fitness in the workplace program is designed for companies that want to prevent injuries to their employees, encourage a standard of healthy living and increase their employee morale and production.

  • Every business understands the importance of having healthy employees. When an employee is sick or gets injured it takes a huge toll on the business. Stress increases, production decreases, and often it can cost the business a lot of money, especially if the injury was job related.
  • Here?s the good news. We have a program targeted towards helping to reduce these situations and save your business money.
  • We start by looking at the employee?s job description and what types of injuries that may occur.
  • Next we do an in depth screening of each employee involved to determine where they?re most likely to have problems.
  • Based on their job description and our screening process we develop a personalized program for your staff.
  • Your staff will be healthier, have more energy, be happier and will be far less likely to be injured on the job.

What does this mean for your business? More efficient and productive staff, less people calling into work, less money spent on job related injuries, and an increase in profit.